Sacrapos - At First Glance

22. ledna 2010 v 18:50 |  Evocation I The Arcane Dominion (2009)

In a contented manner she sits by the bonfire
Sanctimoniously thanking you for the hospitality
Her treacherous intentions as cold as the occasional gusts of wind kissing your back
You mistake the twinkle in her eyes for pure warm-heartedness, and have no premonition of their effect on you.
A bleak smile flickering on her lips, she beholds you with algid satisfaction, as in her sinister mind, you become her prey, her treasure, a sacrifice on the alter of her own lust.
Cursed and sacred, this arcane exercise, disembodied fiend waving through her gaze. Being a virtuoso of deceit and facetiousness, she leaves you with no chance of escape
From what is happening in your mind.
She hasn't come to crush your bones, nor tear your flesh.
She has come to steal your sanity with just one glance.


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